Showcase, pitch and connect your innovations for licensing and investment opportunities with experts from academy, companies and investors.

Requirements for Pitch Deck Slides:

The Pitch Deck must be prepared in the Acrobat (pdf) format and contain 12 slides:

1) Title Slide with the Startup's and Presenter's Names

2) Summary Slide with the Project Description in two sentences only

3) Problems, which the Startup going to solve

4) Value Proposition

5) Product or Service Advantages

6) Business Model

7) Market

8) Target Revenue

9) Road Map

10) Team

11) Competitors

12) Final Slide with the statement what are you looking for: investment (how much), licensing, partnerships, etc.

Please follow this list of slides carefully.

How to Submit ?

The Pitch Deck Slides in the Acrobat (pdf) format must be submit for review via the F6S platform (click the 'Apply' button below). If selected, a visitor showcase/registration fee (390.00 EUR) is required.


Every Startup will have 15 min for pitch and 5 min for Q&A. Both: in-person or virtual presentations (live stream in Zoom) will be possible.

Inclusion into the B2C Opportunity Report

All accepted and registered pitches (slides) will be included into the ARCI' 2024 Pitch Book, which will be distributed among the registered investors before, and potential investors after the event.